Bring to life your very own unique trading style using FMC Alert! We offer traders a fully customizable technical indicator (Market Scanner).


Watch Below To See How it Works!

  • Some of the features of FMC Alert

    • Use up to 6 different time frames at one time

    • Customize start and stop times of signal

    • Get alerts via SMS, email, and screen popups

    • Visual directional arrows so you can see precise entry points

    • Every input option can be customized for any style or level of trader

    • Can be used for scalping, swing trading, long-term trend trading with crypto, stocks, forex, commodities, precious metals, gold and silver etc.

    • Tried and proven pre-set algorithm available for those who don't yet have a strategy or just want to try a new one!

    • Full support setting up FMC Alert whether you choose the monthly subscription or one-time purchase.

  • Why FMC Alert?

    Although our alert is great for seasoned traders, FMC Alert offers trading lessons whether you're new to the markets or just need a refresher. FMC Alert was developed to teach and help aid traders in the financial markets. If you do not have a trading strategy or would simply like to download and go, you can request our tried and proven pre-set algorithms. Our goal is to make trading easy!

    2 Free customizable indicators with subscription!

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